the Guerrero’s

Hello, We are the Guerrero’s and we want to invite you into our journey through Parenthood, Marriage, Love, life, and all things our Family go through! Each post we will take you through our Children’s milestones, things We learned, thought was hilarious, the bad days, and tips and tricks that worked for us! We became parents at a young age, and we struggled. Actually, struggle is an understatement. But, nonetheless we are blessed! We invite our readers into our everyday lives through vLogs, blogs and sharing our own personal experiences in hopes of shedding light into our crazy life to encourage and inspire you that you are not alone in this “parenting thing” or even this “marriage thing”. Our lives and journey aren’t meant to be perfect, we learn and grow with our children, with each other everyday. And, sometimes they’re great, sometimes its not. But, that is why we want to share them with you. Embrace the journey, embrace the experience, cause maybe in a couple of years you’ll sit back and laugh at everything and create a blog about it. ;]

Check-out the Guerrero Family blog!

To learn more about each family member check-out their personal tabs above!IMG_0439

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