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  1. Clint Prestwich says:

    “Enlisted Navy sailor, Clint Prestwich, is making it his mission to teach kids that their goals are achievable through determination and daily pursuit.”

    Woolace Lambcaster is the only black sheep in the Lambcaster heard, and his goal is to become a sheep dog. Sheep dogs are strong, loyal protectors of the heard. The rest of the Lambcaster heard only sees him as a fluffy little odd ball with too much imagination. When he is placed in a risky situation; he has to decide whether he is going to shrink down and be the fluffy little odd ball, or if he is going to stand for his dreams and take on the role of a sheep dog.
    I am an enlisted Navy Sailor. I live a normal life. I work in pediatrics, take vital signs, give shots and do blood draws. I’m not much different from any other person out there. But I have a dream. I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur! The question is: why didn’t I?
    When we are young and new to the world, everyone tells us that we can be anything that we want to be. Our imagination’s run wild, as they should, and we truly believe that we will one day change the world for the better. What they don’t tell you is how to achieve these dreams. Attaining your dreams is what I hope to teach through my books, and with my actions.
    Help me introduce this movement, to believe in yourself, and take the actions necessary to achieve your dreams. The link to my kickstarter is below or type “The Heroics of a Sheep Dog” in the search bar.
    Thank you for your time and your help in starting the movement.


  2. Jill B says:

    Hi! First off I love your blog.! Such a talented writer.! I am a sahm mom as well to 4 kids including 3 yr old twins. SOOO, my life is crazy. My husband farms 12,000 acres. So from March-October, he works 6-7 days a week 16-18 hr days. It is brutal.! I recently took a sample of Thrive from my chiropractor. She knows me and I know how picky she is about ingredients and she knows the same about me. We are very clean/organic eaters 86% so it’s super important. I was always in her office for headaches, aches, pains, just exhausted. She told me about this product that is changing lives everywhere. So I trust her and I took it home. The next day I did exactly like instructed and I felt a little spark but nothing big. By day 4 of my trial, I felt like a new girl. I woke up refreshed, I realized I hadn’t had a headache in 4 days, and I was fleeing great by the afternoon when I normally hit my wall. I was SOLD.! I immediate felt so passionate about the product that I started promoting that day. Within 14 days, I hit my goals and made 1320$, and I just recently won an iPad to help grow the business. It truly has been a life changer and has given us some financial freedom, which was needed and always is with kids..! So I am sharing with you. I am a nurse by heart even though I sacrificed my career to raise our children. I still love helping people feel better and motivating them to make better decisions in their life. This is one of the best decisions I ever made. I would be happy to send you a free 5 day experience.! Amazing opportunities ahead.!

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  3. Fionn Sirrenberg says:

    Welcome to Everything for Baby


    We are reaching our to you to share with you.
    Everything for Baby Online is well on the way to becoming The Ultimate Shopping Guide for all things baby and child.
    Our mission is twofold.
    1- to become the #1 online shopping destination for all things baby/child related.
    2- to drive traffic to online baby/child stores and boutiques.
    We know that searching for baby/child needs can be daunting, eating away valuable time.
    By finding the greatest baby/child related shopping and organizing it in one place, we make finding baby/child necessities a snap!
    We plan on adding over 500 stores along with services to our site. We cater to multiple shoppers. We know that if we have stores that accommodate all baby/child related needs, along with appealing to multiple shoppers, people will be happy to return often and to refer friends and family.
    We are sharing our site with you in hopes that you will love our mission and become involved with us or share us!

    The Everything for Baby Online Team


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