About Skyler-Ian, Spencer & Katelynn



(All photos done by: Ibarra Photography)

Meet SSK Guerrero, aka Skyler-Ian (photographed on the left), Spencer (photographed in the middle) and Katelynn (on the middle). In this snippet of their about me you’ll learn about each child, and a fun fact ;] Let’s get to it!


Skyler-Ian, is the oldest of the three and is currently a third grader! He has a knack for learning and never wants to miss a day of class (sick or not sick!). He loves pokemon, skylanders, and loves to play with his siblings. Skyler, is such a gentleman, We constantly get praised for his outstanding manners and respectful attitude. We are so grateful for Sky and how he continues to go above and beyond for his little brother and younger sister. When Skyler grows-up he wants to be a “Fireman” and wants to design video games. Currently, Skyler plays hockey and LOVES it!


This is Spencer (on the right), he is the middle of the three siblings. Our rambunctious, daredevil- Spencer, is all about adventures! He is the reason rules exist in our home ;] Spencer, is known for his outspoken demeanor, and his spunky attitude. This little man surely keeps us on our toes! He loves to copy Skyler and LOVES carbs! He loves to test the water, and is definitely a thrill seeker. We know in the future to come, Spencer will be our sky diving, cliff jumping, tight rope walking, guiness world record breaker. When he grows-up, he wants to be a “Police Man”. Currently, Spencer is taking-on soccer as his sport. And, is in the first grade!



Lastly, the third and final member of the sibling trio- Katelynn! She is the Princess of the Family, spoiled since birth and a fashionista at age 1! Katelynn whom we often refer to as Kate or Baby K, is a BaresolesMoccs Brand Rep! She loves singing, playing hide-and-seek and is an avid reader just like her Mama! Kate is a Mommy’s girl and is often seen smiling, or mean mugging everyone. There really is no in-between. Kate is famous for her timeless facial expressions and fashion statements! She definitely has her whole family wrapped around her little fingers!

The Guerrero trio are the only Children of Ric and Pinky and the Family does not plan to expand in the near future. SSK, is signed with Leighton Agency in Phoenix, AZ and has done a few modeling excerpts for out-of-state boutiques. The blog originally started because of the trio and their daily adventures, although the blog has since expanded and grown throughout the years, you can go back as far as 2012 to read about the kids and their pregnancy adventures. For more daily updates on SSK follow them on IG @SSK_Apodamis and on Youtube at SSK Apodamis !

Thanks and God Bless!








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