Hump Day Ramblings!

Happy Hump Day! Is anybody else thrown off with labor day? Cause I am! My day’s and time are all jumbled together and I’m constantly feeling like I’m late for something! But, low and behold, I’m not. Any who, Happy Wednesday! September is quickly flying by and I’m barely getting over August!

But, I’m SUPER excited to see what September has in store! My September agenda now looks like: Hockey practice, Soccer practice, hockey game, soccer game, dental appointment, etc. Mostly, its covered in my kiddo’s sporting schedules! I’m so excited for the boys, and really happy to see them flourish in their designated sports! I know that this will be fun and many memories will be made! I am looking forward to the next several months because… HAWAII! EEK!

As you may or may not have recalled on Facebook (You should really follow us on there — ;] — here!) I announced that Ric won an all expense paid trip from his employer to any 5 destinations and we had chosen HAWAII! We chose the gorgeous island of Kauai! We leave in about 33 days (but, I’m not counting).  I don’t want to get too into detail as I have a vLog for this coming up! LOL!

November is also around the corner and so is December (see how fast I did that) — we are 72 days away from Spencer’s 7th birthday and 86 days away from Katelynn’s 4th! EEK! So exciting! I don’t have much planned for today’s Wednesday except make dinner. LOL!

What’re your plans today?


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