Feeling Burned-Out!

It’s official — I’m burned out.

I wish there were more words to describe it, but, there isn’t. I feel that I’ve exhausted myself and last night felt the wrath of my body just wanting to “shut-down”. My eyes were watering consistently, I had the worst case of insomnia and I couldn’t breathe due to a stuffed nose. I so desperately wanted to sleep and couldn’t. I woke-up this morning my eyes felt like they were glued together, but, I knew I had to wake-up and tend to Mom/Wife duties. I sat down to begin my work for the day, and post it notes quickly filled my desk area. I found myself pouring two cups of coffee and realized I was making another batch.

I need a break.

I realized things just haven’t been going in my favor and that’s completely fine. I roll with the punches, unfortunately its instances like these where I hit dead-ends is where I know I need to re-evaluate myself and my purpose. I always want to improve myself, and find better solutions. I think that’s always important for a person to always rediscover themselves or find a new meaning to their purpose. And, I know that’s what I need.


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