It’s a New Year & a New Day!

Happy almost New Years, Readers! It’s so crazy to me how fast this year went by — 2017 is going to be a GREAT year! I can feel it! I have been reading about how many people are ready for the year to end and to start a new with the new year. But, here is the thing..every day is a new day! Everyday you are given the opportunity to start over, to start fresh, to correct your wrongs. Every day you are in charge of YOU! You decide how your day goes, don’t let the negative energies influence you and your day. I know its easier said, than done. Trust me, I know!

Let’s take today for example,  I woke-up late. This alone set my anxiety through the roof! I’m sure you could imagine this– I rushed out of bed and had to hurry to work. Of course, I ended-up getting stuck in traffic which nonetheless made me even more late than my alarm not going off! By the time I got to the employee parking garage, of course I got stuck parking on the highest level (cause there was no more parking available). I also decided to wear heeled booties (cause why not?!) which made running difficult, I literally looked like a freshly birthed antelope learning to walk. It was ridiculous. So, I had to take the elevator down to the ground level and run to the main hospital to then take another set of elevators to the 7th floor. It was my cardio for the day. By the time I got to the conference room it was silent when I entered. Luckily, I was only 15 minutes late.

So, lets take a look at this scenario with a different attitude or outlook. Granted, my alarm clock went off late. I still of course have to hurry & get ready for work. But, with a positive mind set. I could’ve gathered my thoughts and prioritized what I needed to do and to get out the door in a timely manner. With traffic on the highway, there is not much you can do, besides search for an alternative route. I could’ve got off the freeway and taken the side roads to work. The most important thing in all of this is communication, making sure you are letting your bosses know what is going on and give them an ETA. Overall, I think changing your attitude about a negative situation can definitely help!

So with that being said, don’t wait for the new year to make a better you. Every day, we are blessed to be able to make our own day and even make the day of others!



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  1. Absolutely loved reading this and I totally agree. I think a new day can start anytime that you want to even if it’s nine in the evening!!! I love your outlook and attitude my love 🙂


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