Why I Stopped Giving Christmas Gifts.. 

Merry Christmas Eve valued Readers! Can you believe that Christmas is less than 12 hours away?! YIKES! That seriously went by quick! You’re probably reading my title and tilting your head and wondering, “why on earth does she not give gifts?! And, she has kids?!” I know shame on me. Go ahead point & judge, tell me how horrible of a Parent I am for not giving gifts. Call me the “Scrooge” or the “Grinch” if you will. But, before you judge me let me tell you my why.

For as long as I could remember I was always about having a plethora of gifts to give. Everyone who personally knows me, knows that I LOVE giving gifts to everyone- friends, family, the kids. I was known for random “just because” gifts. I loved spending endless hours at the malls trying to find thee absolute perfect stocking stuffer or gift to wrap. Yes, granted these are things people wanted and I was more than willing to spend money and get it for them. But, as I got older and more responsibilities were thrown on my plate, I realized are these gifts really that mandatory? I mean there are birthdays, anniversaries, special other dates aside from Christmas where these gifts may have been asked for. And, they were never bought. I see the crazy tactics of Black Friday, and how you can order or stand in line to get the best gifts or deals. Now, I’m not bashing anyone who participates or loves Black Friday shopping! More power to you, actually I applaud you! I get too much anxiety with Black Friday and therefore could never participate. Besides anxiety, I also never have anything I want to purchase during Black Friday. 

Anyways, I got side tracked. . I spent more time looking for these gifts or items & spending money. And, then something clicked. Unfortunately, I don’t have millions of dollars to spare (I wish I did though). Yes, I budget enough where I can buy a gift here and there. But, with my size of a Family it would be a lot of OT to cover just the younger kids! So, luckily, the past few holidays have been gifts just for the younger kids! It’s been great success!

But, here is where things started changing. An eye opener if you will. During, Christmas I found myself apologizing because I didn’t give a lot of gifts. Although, people were understanding, I blamed it on time & finances. But, in all reality during these past few years We have been helping an organization known as “Romanians Angels.” To provide  gifts to the children in orphanages in Romania. It was Ric and I’s little secret project. Our kids were involved & they would actually help us get gifts, wrap them, write letters and meet up with the director to get them mailed. From the beginning when we embarked in this project, we sat the kids down & told them about these children in Romania. Granted, something’s were understood and some I’m sure they didn’t get. But, I know they got the gist of it. 

Every Christmas we promised our kids they would get one “big” gift each. This year it was iPods. That’s it. But, as soon as Thanksgiving began we as a Family would begin our haul of items (clothes, jackets, educational materials, backpacks, toys, etc). And, wrap and box them. Three boxes full from each child. These would be our gifts to those in Romania. During these times I would also haul through the kids clothes and toys and find things to donate. You can ask my kids and they’ll tell you upfront. We donate a lot around the valley!  We have designated bins in the house where toys go to get donated. And, I don’t mean Goodwill (no offense). We donate to non-profits like Maggie’s Place, or Hope’s Closet. I never posted about this, because to me this was a personal decision for my Family and I. I also didn’t need or want the worlds praise or the recogniztion that I was doing this. 

You’re probably wondering, “well, why are you mentioning it now ?” And, here’s why.. my purpose is to encourage. I’m not saying, don’t ever gift or give to your own Family or Friends. No, I’m saying if you have enough to spare- donate. If you want to give a little more, look into 501 (c) (3)’s which are non-profit organizations. Every year, we get cards from the kids we gift too & photos of them opening our gifts. The simple tooth brush they asked for, or a blanket they wanted literally brings tears to their eyes. We are so blessed and grateful to be able to get what we all want whether it’s by receiving it as a gift or working a little OT to achieve it. But, there are many out there who are less fortunate & just ask for simpler items we take advantage of. There are a ton of organizations in the valley that ask for a lot of items to be donated: baby bottles, diapers, maternity clothes, mom-perishable food items, etc. Things we can find on sale or obtain with a good deal or coupon! =]

So, this is my why. My reason, per say, why I don’t give gifts on Christmas. Now, I would be lying if I said I never give gifts. This is cause I do, 9 times out of 10 it’s a gift personally made by me or the Family. We made it our goal if we can’t gift items, we can at least create something memorable and it’s more personable. So, all-in-all it’s still a win-win situation. 

With that being said, I wish you all a Happy Christmas & a Prosperous New Year! To learn more about how you can help, visit — HERE!
With love,


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