Happy Birthday (s)!


November came and gone before I could even talk about it. (Insert eye roll, here). Anyways, let’s chat November shall we?

I turned 28 on the 11th of November & my friends & Ric threw me an “early” surprise birthday dinner at Bucca di Beppo! 

Peep the video:

I was surprised because I normally know pretty much everything that gets planned. I would’ve normally caught wind by what was going on. But, somehow with the amount of stuff I had on my plate. I was pretty distracted!

I’m grateful for them! I was truly surprised!

That following week, Spencer turned 6! We celebrated by eating at Olive Garden per request of the birthday boy. We ended the night at Toys r Us to pick-out a birthday gift!

Ric turned 28 the week after (November is a busy month for us!) haha! He was pretty much convinced that we were having a surprise dinner.  I’m not a good liar. He obviously can tell if I’m lying or hiding something. 

Low key, I planned his birthday accordingly:

  • Dinner for two at Flemings SteakHouse
  • Movie for two at AMC
  • Over night stay at Renaissance Hotel Westgate 

Ric only knew of dinner. He thought it was going to be a bunch of our friends eating somewhere. During, dinner I gave him the option of either going home, going to the movies or head to Dave and Buster’s. I told him we were going to the movies instead. Half way through the movie we decided to leave as we both were tired. This whole entire time Om driving. I pulled into the valet of a hotel and he looked super confused. 

Little did he know earlier that day I checked into the hotel dropped off a mini cake and our bags for an overnight stay – cation . Everything went pretty smoothly! Thankful for our Nanny!

And, now fast forward to December!  Today, is Kate’s third birthday! Man where has time gone?! So, for the kids real day of birth. We do something pretty low key. On a different day we celebrate with friends and family the whole nine yards.  For Kate’s birthday we took her to see Disneys, “Moana”! Which is officially part of my top ten fave! She fell asleep and seriously only watched the last thirty minutes! As tradition, we headed to toys r us and got a toy and had dinner at Olive Garden. 

It’s crazy to think that I have a seven year old, six year old, and three year old! Time sure does go by! 



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