Goodbye First Grade!

Hey, Readers!

I know, it has been awhile! I have a lot of updating to do and stories to share! And, I will ;] I hope everyone is enjoying the last few days before “Summer” begins! It’s almost eleven at night, and I’m sitting here with Kate in awe of how fast time has truly gone. Tomorrow, is Skyler-Ian’s last day of first grade!

HOW CRAZY! I definitely do remember just writing his First day of First grade blog! AHH! He is SO bummed that he won’t have his teacher as his teacher the next year. But, he is excited for Summer to begin! This August, both boys will be in school and Kate will be in preschool next year joining them! How crazy?! I remember the days of struggling to find sitter just so I could go to work or go to school myself. Now, I won’t have any kids home and I can do all of those with ease.

It truly is a bittersweet moment knowing Sky will be going into the second grade. He is getting older, and its a bit heartbreaking. I’m cherishing all these moments that I have because it literally happens in a blink of an eye. He has already asked me for a car to drive! Mind, you he is ONLY 6!

I’ll do a second post tomorrow after his day is done complete with photos ;]

Good night,


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