I hope everyone is doing well! As most of you know, MannyMUA recently collaborated with OFRA Cosmetics on three liquid lipsticks! They recently launched on the 18th of April & restocked over the weekend only to be sold out in a few hours! CRAZY!

I am grateful to OFRA that they were able to send me a package of liquid lipsticks to try and included was Manny’s three colors!

What are the colors you asked?

Let’s chat packaging! OFRA, recently upgraded their designs and their bottles since my last OFRA blog! And, can I just say how sleek and intuitive the packaging is now! I absolutely LOVE it! I liked the old one as well, but, this packaging is more eye-popping!

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The picture above is a photo of the old wand packaging. OFRA, originally had a black top and clear bottle with the signature OFRA sticker around it. The sticker itself is silver.


The new packaging is pictured above with the new gunmetal top and clear bottle with the signature OFRA sticker! I absolutely LOVE this new packaging!

Hypno, is a gorgeous deep mauve red with a taupe undertone. It is truly gorgeous on any skin tone! The pigment is surreal and the formula is smooth. Charmed, is my absolute favorite of the three liquid lipsticks! I LOVE the dusty rose color! It’s such a gorgeous color on the lips and is suitable for everyday wear! Ariesis a nude pink. For me personally it is a little too light for me and looks more of like a baby pink on me than a nude pink. But, nonetheless I can still use this color, and its perfect for spring!

I have always been a fan of OFRA and think highly of the company! They are all about quality! I also think that the formula is unlike any other liquid lipstick I’ve used. In comparison to the Kylie Cosmetics liquid lipsticks- I personally would reach for my OFRA liquid lipstick!

For all you readers, I have an awesome discount code for you to receive 30% off! Use code: HEYITSPINK ;]

Processed with Rookie Cam

Let me know which colors you picked off the OFRA website and which colors I should test and try next!



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Isabelle says:

    these look lovely, great post xx


  2. Jenny Smith says:

    Am I the only one that doesn’t understand why his name isn’t on the tubes, package or anything? I guess it’s not that big of a deal everyone knows they’re his, just odd to me.


    1. HeyitsPink says:

      Good point! I do remember Kathleen had her name on her tubes of her collab. Maybe it was his preference? =] who knows! But, good eye. I totally just noticed it when you mentioned it!


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