Revlon Super Length Mascara

Hey readers, let’s talk lashes!

When I do my make-up the number one thing (besides my brows) that NEED to be done are my lashes! I spend majority of my time on brows and lashes to make sure they’re “on-fleek.”

Revlon released a new line of mascaras for all types of lash styles:


The spooly is different in each wand  and provide a different type of lash style. First impression, the design is quite sleek, and instead of the usual round wand, it is actually slightly bigger and flatter. Thus, gives off a rectangular shape. The bristles on the spooly differentiate depending on which mascara you purchase. I’ve tried the red cap (All-In-One mascara) and today’s new blog feature regarding the green cap (super length mascara).

Revlon Super Length Mascara
Revlon Super Length Mascara

The bristle on this green capped mascara aka Super Length Mascara, has a tapered bristle. The bristle is quite fluffy and provides ample space to let lashes fit in-between the bristles easily.


My lashes are fine and short. They point downward and require some prepping before applying any type of mascara. I curl my lashes prior to applying mascara. {Pictured below are my lashes before curling, and after}.


 Now, after some trial using the revlon super length mascara alone, I find that I have to apply multiple layers to achieve the look I want. I also use a lash brush to remove any clumping I may have. My tip is to use the Benefit Cosmetics:They’re Real! Tinted Primer prior to applying the Revlon Super Length Mascara

I find that doing this prior preps my lashes and helps give them more length and volume.

{Below are photos of my lashes with no primer and with primer.}


 I think the primer makes a huge difference! Think of it as priming your face prior to foundation, it helps adhere any product that is applied after and helps it as well.

Here are my lashes with primer and the revlon super length mascara:


 I LOVE using this mascara and also highly recommend the all-in-one AKA red cap ;]

This post was not sponsored or endorsed by Revlon. These opinions are my own honest opinions based on using and trying the products.

Let me know what you think of the mascara!



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