Butter them lips.

NYX, has always been an affordable brand to shop! I’ve loved NYX since I knew what make up was back in my pre-teen years. NYX is one of my die-hard products that I will continually go back too! I absolutely LOVE their kohl eye liner pencils.

They seamlessly glide on effortlessly and have beautiful pigments to show. Another, product that I want to rave about are the Butter gloss & intense butter gloss.

I’m going to talk about the three butter glosses and following suit are the two intense butter gloss!

  •  Eclair – Purchase this product– HERE! This gorgeous baby pink hue provides a nice sheer finish of pink tones.
  • Sunday Mimosa-  Purchase this product HERE! This beautiful coral pink butter gloss gives you the gorgeous tones of orange and pink.
  • Sugar Plum– Purchase this product HERE! This lavender toned butter gloss, made me quite nervous. The color was loud and bold. But, surprisingly, it went on beautifully and wasn’t as bold on the lips!
  • Summer Fruit– Purchase this product HERE! This gorgeous intense butter gloss gave a hue of red, pink, and orange! The tone was similar to a coral, but, more orangey red. This intense butters gloss gave the perfect “bright” red hue!
  • Cherry Custard- Purchase this product HERE! This is one of my absolute favorite lip colors! This bold red color has its gorgeous tone of bright and dark red!

These pigments are amazing! They also have many other shades and types of glosses to flatter your hue tones. Most importantly, colors for every occasion! Whats your favorite NYX lip color?



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