Blushes & Highlighters


I hope everyone is doing fab on this gorgeous Friday! I am feeling 100% and am SO thankful that I’m feeling so much better so that I can get back to work! It has been a hell of a week to say the least trying to get myself healthy again!

I’m kicking off this Friday by letting you in on a little secret ;] Say what?! That’s right, who doesn’t love secrets?! Especially when it come to make-up! Blushes and highlighters have been all the rage these past few months. And, I don’t know about you but, those two products are my go-to look EVERYDAY! If I feel like going natural, I literally throw on some moisturizer, throw on blush and highlight, mascara and make them brows on-fleek! They really can complete a look.

Don’t you wish there was just an awesome palette that offered all that? Wait, there is!

Here’s the secret!


Introducing, City Color Cosmetics Timeless Beauty Palette! (EEEK!) But, wait contain your excitement cause wait till you see the pigments on these bad boys!


This gorgeous palette and ultimately my absolute FAVORITE go-to blush/highlighter palette. Comes with 4 beautiful shades of pink blushes. Each blush is so pigmented that one swirl with a brush does the trick for BOTH apples on cheeks!

The three larger circles are the ever so gorgeous highlighters! It comes in three varying shades, bronze, rose gold, and a gold-ish hue!

Ready for the swatch?! =p


I can’t even! I. AM. OBSESSED. No lie, this was just one swirl with my index finger and nothing more! The pigments are generous and long lasting. I was a little apprehensive when it came to the blushes as I normally lean more towards baby pink tones. But, I was surprised to have used all four and loved it! I also used all three highlighters and absolute favor the middle color the most! But, the other two are just as gorgeous!

This palette is set to release on March 1, 2016 for the fab price of $24.99! Seems like a lot of money but, let me tell you, it is WORTH it! Coupon code? Do I hear coupon code? Of course ;] Use: heyitspink at check-out for 10% off!

In the mean time, check-out these awesome Highlight Trio by City Color Cosmetics!

“City Color Highlight Trio features three stunning highlight shades in one convenient palette. With a silky formulation, one swipe will get you hooked! Great for every day glow and combining shades to create a custom highlight.”

This awesome highlight trio comes in TWO collections take a gander at the palettes– HERE! This gorgeous highlight trio is $8.99 on the website!

If you’re more of a mousse gal/guy check out the Shadow & Highlight Mousse this product features three different pigments: white gold, white pearl and rose gold. These mousse pigments are versatile and can be used as a shadow or used to highlight.

These highly pigmented mousse products are available on the City Color Website for only $5.99! Thats a steal! These pigments have gotten ravishing reviews from city color customers and is a popular pick!

Check-out more of the cosmetic lines products — HERE!


Pinky G.


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  1. I need that palette ASAP! Those colors are so versatile… Love!


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