MorpheMe- February Brushes!

Hello! February quickly came and it’s quickly going! I received my February #MorpheMe brushes and I’m here to share with you what they are & what they do ;]

  • M333- Chisel Shader (Perfect for applying just on the eyelid. It’s dense and compact)
  • M334- Mini Angled Buffer **NEW** (This brush is perfect to buff out those harsh contour lines!)
  • M218- Blending Fluff (Perfect for blending shadows on the lid)
  • M224- Oval Camouflage (Perfect for concealing, its dense and stiff for easy application)
  • M165- Angle Liner/Brow (This is perfect to line the eyes with liner OR even use to create on-fleek brows)
  • M169- Round Crease (Perfect for blending shadows in the crease of the eye lid)
  • M495- Duo Deluxe Fan (Perfect for highlighting)

Morphe’s brushes have always surprised me, I have yet to see a bristle fall apart, or even a handle to break! (Knock on wood). The price for brushes are relatively depending on the brush you want, it can be as low as $1.99 and up to almost $40! But, the BEST part about morphe are their sales! Keep an eye out for discount codes from MUA and they also have plenty of affordable products. These batch of February brushes are AMAZING! I’m excited to try them out. I love the softness of the bristles and find it easy to work with, although I have always been a fan of dense, stiff brushes. The bristles easily pick up pigments. You can receive your monthly subscription box for only $19.99/Month — HERE!

Can’t wait for next months batch of brushes! What’s your favorite brush or brand of brushes?


Pinky G.

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