Where the light is..


I just recieved my ColourPop Cosmetics shipment! And, I am SO excited to put a look together utilizing these colors! This is my FIRST set of ColourPop cosmetics and I’ve heard many great things about it!

These specific colors and palette have been out for a while now. BUT, I was so torn and honestly, quite indescisive in getting a few colors so I decided to just grab the colors I wanted ;] I also grabbed a few other colors and products not in the collab.

 I grabbed the Sweet Tooth Crème gel which gives an awesome bronze/gold color! The consistency is quite smooth and glides nicely onto skin.   

I picked up the Where the light is palette and picked up two other colors from KathleenLight’s Where the night is palette!  Also, pictured is another shadow color (game face) and an ultra matte lip known as (teeny tiny). Which isn’t  part of her collab. My first impression of the product was the packaging. LOVE! Very crisp, clean. The pigments are outstanding and the texture is nothing like I’ve seen in other lines or brands. Literally you can just tap with your finger to obtain product. It’s purely effortless. 

Here is a swatch from the teeny tiny ultra matte lip color! I’m loving the dark mauve color tone that it gives off on my skin tone! The color was bright when I put it on, as soon as it dried it went matte and didn’t come off easily. WIN! 


** Side Note: If you haven’t done so yet, go checkout my Valentines Day Collab — HERE! Make sure to subscribe and LIKE the video ;] **

I’ll post up another blog utilizing these products in a look & possibly posting a video as well! 

Check out the swatch ;] let me know which color is your fave in the comments!  


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