H is for Love- Green beauty, natural skincare

Hello readers!

Are you getting amped for the holidays as much as I am?! If you’re still looking for a few things to snag for this holiday or even a great New Years present– I highly recommend H is For Love! It’s a green beauty, natural skincare line! Meaning natural ingredients and with tons of benefits! I was grateful to try the trial sample of their skin care line!


Propolis  Regenerative Face Mask, was the first thing I tested out upon receiving the trial samples. A few important details bout the product that stood out to me is the amazing ingredient list!


  • French Green Clay

  • Kaolin Clay

  • Camu Camu*

  • Poolan Kilangu (White Turmeric)

  • Raw Cacao*

  • Vanilla Bean*

  • Sweet Cinnamon*

  • Clove*

  • Red Alaea Salt*

  • Orange Peel*


Essential oil of: Frankincense

*Denotes certified organic ingredient

“Camu camu is one of nature’s highest sources of vitamin C, vital for the production of collagen.  This weekly indulgence contains rare and skin-brightening white turmeric, spices that encourage blood flow to the surface of the skin, a massive dose of minerals, and the antioxidant-rich superfoods raw cacao and vanilla bean.” (H for Love, 2015).

Each product is known and you don’t need to google the chemical! (WIN IN MY BOOK!), A few fun interesting facts on what this masks potential is it is packed with ingredients that can stimulate and renew skin cells, rid of the skins impurities, leaving your face smooth and radiant. The scent alone was just warming, there was no overpowering scent of chemicals and it felt warm to the skin when applied. I left the mask on for 5-10 minutes before rinsing my face with warm water. My skin felt smooth and it felt fresh!


After cleansing my face, I followed with using the Pollen toner , I absolutely loved the scent and immediately felt a slight tingle. The toner overall was refreshing and this can be applied after cleansing or after using the facial oil. The ingredients range from aloe vera, witch hazel and a blend of essential oils that benefit the skin.

“Because the pH (potential hydrogen) of most tap water is more alkaline than the natural pH of facial skin it is important to re-introduce balance after cleansing. Toning is a perfect way to do just that – and to prepare facial skin for even disbursement of face oil.” (H for Love, 2015).


Nectar is my absolute FAVORITE in the skin care line, I think all three combined together is a perfect trio! But, nectar by far was something my skin absolutely needed! The scent smelled of citrus and that is because of all my favorite skin-loving essential oils were incorporated in the facial oil.

“The word nectar was originally made to describe a kind of nourishment so perfect it caused the gods to thrive, rejoicing in their immortality. Any mortal who could obtain a sip of this potent living liquid would find life eternal. Néktar (greek νέκταρ)meaning to overcome death, is a potent healer which encourages cell renewal, scavenges free-radicals and effortlessly moisturizes with nourishment fit for the gods.

Grapeseed and squalane oils reach deep into pores without leaving a greasy residue. Calendula soothes and calms irritated skin.  Argan oil smoothes the appearance of fine lines, and rosehip seed oil, full of essential fatty acids, is a superstar when it comes to fighting signs of aging. Baobab and macadamia nut oils are rich and plumping and all that your skin could need for a full day of moisture. A scent that is fresh and sweet, lingering just long enough to awaken the senses.

With a symbiotic blend of cold-pressed plant oils and steam distilled essential oils that are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, cell-regenerative, astringent and brightening, daily use of this oil will balance your complexion while providing all the nourishment your skin needs from the outside in. Customize this to your skin’s unique needs by simply adding or subtracting a few drops.” (H for Love)

I use nectar on its own at times when I feel my skin needs some hydrating! The oils always leave my skin feeling subtle, smooth and hydrated! I highly recommend this nectar  facial oil, but, it works in unison with the other two perfectly!

Overall, I highly recommend the trio, I for sure will be buying the larger set! The best part besides the organic, natural ingredients is 11% of all H proceeds are donated to Wellspring International.

“Thank you for helping empower women and children in our global community to make a change for the better.” (H for Love)

To learn more about H for Love and their amazing products visit there website here and let them know that Pinky sent you ;]


Pinky G.

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