StriVectin Product Review

Hello! ^_^

I hope all is well in this “winter” season! I know my skin has been loving the cool breeze, but, its also been feeling a bit dry. So, I’ve been surely amping up on moisturizer and making sure that I am keeping my skin hydrated during the harsh temperatures. Well, lack there of in Arizona, its been a high of 79 and low of 47. So, I guess its not too bad. Apologies for those who have to be in snow. I hope you are all staying warm!

I wanted to share a great product that I’ve been trying out for the past month in a half. StriVectin.

Before, we begin I wanted to offer this disclaimer:

** I had tried the sample portions in which were given to me for my honest review. I was not paid for these products or for this review. These opinions are my own and I do not work with the company. **

StriVecin, is a a clinically proven skin care line to help with anti-aging. They incorporate NIA-114 which can help tighten, tone, lift and diminish fine lines and wrinkles! Learn more about it — HERE!

I was able to test out the treatment cream and moisturizers.


The first product I want to review for you is the StriVectin SD Advanced Intensive Concentrate for Wrinkles & Stretchmarks with collagex-ce wrinkle repair complex.

This product I used every morning, after cleaning my face right when I wake-up after I brush my teeth. This treatment goes on smoothly and has no chemical scents & didn’t irritate my sensitive/acne prone skin. I felt a slight tingle sensation under my eye area but, it didn’t irritate it. I love this product and highly recommend it. You can purchase this gem — HERE!


The next product that goes hand in hand with the treatment is the StriVectin Potent Wrinkle Reducing Treatment. This treatment I applied in areas I felt needed more help. I put this under my eyes, crows feet, and smile lines, and forehead. This also went on smoothly, no harsh scents and didn’t irritate my skin. You can purchase this as well — HERE!

The next two products I used are the PM products: StriVectin Advanced Retinol Intensive Night Moisturizer  and StriVectin Advanced Retinol Night Treatment. 


This product Advanced Retinol Intensive Night Moisturizer I would add before the night treatment. I added this all over my face, again, I didn’t feel any irritation, nor were there any harsh scents. It went on smoothly and came off easily as well! You can purchase this product — HERE!

The product that goes hand in hand with this is the StriVectin Advanced Retinol Night Treatment. This product I used in the areas I felt needed more attention, again, I focused on under eye bags, crows feet, forehead, and smile lines. This product didn’t irritate my skin, dry it out, or were there any harsh scents. You can purchase this product — HERE!

All these products I found truly effective, here are my BEFORE and AFTER (I have been using the product for a little over a month and a half). The left photo you can clearly see the eye bags, creases under my eyes. In the left, after a month you can see it some what diminished. But, definitely a difference!IMG_9672

Let me know your thoughts!


Pinky G.

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