Tooth Fairy Tykes

Hey there!

I was grateful to receive word on such a fun, clever idea! As you may have recalled my oldest son recently lost his tooth and has several lose teeth as we speak. My friends at Tooth Fairy Tykes was kind enough to share with me how to incorporate the tooth fairy in our home!


Tooth Fairy Tykes, is a company that encourages family tradition by incorporating the tooth fairy when teeth become loose! This fun site offers a FREE ebook that you can download– HERE! This book is about the process of losing a tooth with the help of your trusty tooth fairy tyke! It teaches your kids the responsibility of brushing their teeth and overall good dental hygiene, as well as encouraging good behavior at the dental office! (WIN!) The tooth fairy tyke comes in different ethnicities and gender — purchase your tyke HERE!


The best part is there is also a FREE app that you can download – – HERE! The free app is available for Apple and Android devices! This is a timer that shows how long your kiddos should brush their teeth for! Overall, my kids LOVE this product and I HIGHLY recommend you download it! =]

Let me know your thoughts in the comment below!


Pinky Guerrero

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