Too Thin.

Ladies and Gents,

I just wanted to send out this friendly reminder to always take time for yourself. I feel like people go above and beyond to always sacrifice their own time for others (& that is fantastic) but, there is a fine line in volunteering time you have & spreading yourself too thin. If you are like me (& we are all of different hearts), but, I have a tendency to always just say “yes” even when my schedule is beyond packed. But, I find time and prioritize to make it work. Time is limited and I say that lightly. For example,  I go to college, I work, and I am Mom & Wife. I put my Kids first, they’re my priority. I don’t like to miss school activities, so I make sure my schedule is revolving around theirs. If anything my Husband and I tag team drop off’s and pick-ups, my Brother helps out too! But, otherwise, I’m a stay-at-home, college Mom/Wife. I work PRN for a hospital that I absolutely LOVE!

After school activities, Doctor appointments, auditions, hospital shifts, Homework, play times, meal prepping, cleaning, etc. its a lot on a plate. But, balance is key to a happy, schedule. Make sure to prioritize, and time manage. But, most importantly, take time to do nothing. My Husband told me that yesterday. I was spreading myself way too thin, and he just told me to lay down and do nothing. Weird, to hear those words come out of his mouth as he is very much a “doer” and a “go-getter” he never just sits still. But, life can overwhelm you and sometimes thats all you need. A day to do nothing.

So from my warm heart to yours, I hope you take it easy this weekend and just enjoy you, your Family and enjoy the moments. Do nothing.


Pinky Guerrero

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