Do I hear the school bells?

Fellow readers,

We are officially half way through SUMMAHHHH! But, I’m about to burst your bubble with a giant cactus needle, cause school is about mmm… 25 days away (16 hours, 7 minutes, 24 seconds) but, who is counting?! Obviously, not me. Not like I have a widget on my phone or anything that’s counting down the days till I ship two of three kids to school.. nope, not me.

But, today I signed-up Spencer Nicholas for Pre-school! I think I previously stated in a previous blog– probably most likely this one. Spencer has an awkward birthday cut-off. So, you have to be 5 on or before September 1st or something of that sorts. Spencer will actually turn 5 three months into the school year. So, he technically is too young for kindergarten, but, technically will be the oldest in preschool. So, its the matter of being held back, or trying to figure out a way where he is where he is supposed to be.

If you were to ask Spence, “are you excited to go to school?” his statement would sound much like this, ” No, I just want to stay home with Mommy & eat cookies all day.” Because in his giant, little head staying home with Mommy is much more entertaining then going to a building filled with other kids and learning. ;] We have been doing some homeschooling with the boys, and we have colors, numbers, and letter recognition down. Practicing how to write is kind of where we are at, and using safety scissors!

Skyler, is entering first grade this year! My short little asian child. So small! Everytime I see the kids lined up, I can’t help but, chuckle cause I was “that” kid. I was always first or last depending on the line up in height order. And, Sky definitely got that from me. I’m hoping he gets his Dad’s height of 5″5!

Nonetheless, this will be fun having just one kid at home, and two at school! What’re your thoughts on the school year coming? What top characters do you bet on seeing this school year?


Pinky g.

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