21 Fix Day Challenge by Beach Body

Hey Readers!

So, for those who don’t follow me on any of my social media (tsk, tsk–just kidding), I have joined the 21 Fix Day Challenge along with my group of Mom Friends! (Cause thats obviously how I roll.. haha!). I was truly inspired by one of my friends, Emily whom embarked on the 21 fix day challenge, and shared it with us. She formed a group and invited us all to join her! BEST THING EVER! The beauty of these women who came together flaws and all embraced themselves, their bodies, and together we all decided to take a step forward into a more healthier lifestyle! I decided that it was time for me to step back into shape. Regardless, of my petite frame, I had always beat myself up for how I ate so much unhealthy foods. I would have weeks of eating healthy, and slowly cave into fried, sugar, over processed foods. I didn’t have any health concerns except for my weight. I am about 5″0 and weighing in about 85 lbs. My petite stature at times would lead me towards more “malnourished” if you really looked at it in the general scale. Although, I am not malnourished, I have trouble gaining weight, and keeping the weight. Even after three kids, I found myself unable to maintain a healthy weight, and keep it.

Thus, my journey to work-out and eat right, came about. So, here I am sharing my meal plans, my work-out routines, and recipes that I found and loved!

Pictured below are the meals for Day 1 and my calendar of work-outs that I am about to start!

My fun protein smoothie recipe is:

  • 2 containers of purple (fruit) I chose Strawberry/Blueberry
  • 1 red container of protein powder of your choice (mine is a vegan, gluten-free, organic plant protein)
  • 2 tsp’s of raw, organic, agave syrup
  • 1 blue container of dairy of your choice (skim-milk, almond milk, soy milk, etc.) I chose coconut milk.
  • 1 few cubes of ice

I blended this altogether and poured it into my shakeology drink holder!

Check-out my Meal_Prep video!


Check-out my Smoothie video!

I completed the total body cardio work-out today and although I feel nice and sore, I dreaded cardio! I normally get cardio in a form of dancing– not so much running, or anything of that nature. But, I am looking forward to tomorrow’s workout!

Let me know your favorite recipes and work out regimes!

Pinky G.

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