First LOOSE tooth!

EEEEK! Skyler-Ian officially has his FIRST loose tooth! This is a HUGE deal in our household, for months this kid has been non-stop chatter about “tooth fairy’s”, “loose teeth” and dental visits! Now, we are frequent dental patients, and frequent to getting cavities filled. Sky unfortunately had milk sensitivity at a very young age. He had a lot of stomach issues, bowel issues and so forth when he consumed a lot of dairy products. Generally, from cows milk. As soon as we found this out we did our research on what other milk/dairy substitutes we could give Skyler in order to get the acquired calcium amount for a toddler. Now, he wasn’t lactose intolerant, so we were and are still able to give him things with dairy, of course in moderations. We decided to go with Soy milk for Skyler & transitioning him from cows milk to soy was slightly difficult. Long story short, Skyler had fallen short on his calcium intake when we switched him to soy. Which also gave us problems in not only his overall diet, but, his teeth as well. Unfortunately, he was/is prone to cavities, more so due to the constant drinking of soy milk as an infant.  Thus, brought on a lot of dental work, dental planning for Skyler and constant observation. Which thankfully brings us to the most exciting aspect that he FINALLY has a loose tooth!

We have been waiting LONG months for Sky to naturally lose his teeth without the need to have oral surgery, we  had underwent one oral surgery for Skyler at two years old  & I swore unless it was life/death I wouldn’t let him undergo another round. Now, thats not saying that I will not get cavities filled or whatever the case may be because we of course will do what is best for his health! We closely monitor Skyler’s diet & carefully watch his sugar intake and make sure he is eating healthier food choices than junk. This alone can do wonders on dental health! ;]

Nonetheless, we are forever blessed and grateful for Skyler (health flaws & all), but, we are excited to embark on this new journey with sky to healthier teeth!

I would love to hear how the tooth fairy came to visit your little one! Sound em off in the comments below!



Pinky g.


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