BareSolesMoccs Valentines Day Coupon Code Giveaway!

Hello, friends!

Its valentines week and do I have a coupon code giveaway! ;] I am excited to give you a coupon code to use this week only! As you all know I am a HUGE fan of #Baresolesmoccs! You can NEVER miss my Daughter not wearing her moccasins! My boys are huge fans of them too and actually prefer them over any pair of shoes in their closet! Trying to catch Kate wearing her moccs since she is now mobile, is quite “impossible” now-a-days! But, you can check out my videos on IG of Baby K rocking her latest swag from BareSolesMoccs! But, in case you haven’t seen the latest, cute valentines day swag- here they are:





Aren’t these just the cutest?! I already have outfits to go with both pairs! My Daughter can never have enough cute moccs! We cherish our moccs here in our household, and Kate likes to keep hers safe in her Disney Princess treasure chest ;]

treasure moccs

Of course, BaresolesMoccs have other cute designs, and here are some of our favorites right here (of course, its hard to pick just a few to showcase!):


These are just a few to name ;] they’re comfortable and easy to clean, the cute designs and colors are easy to match and they’re pleasing to the eyes! I constantly get complimented on my baby girls shoes and get asked where I get them! Now, heres the best part- I want to you to have a pair too! Here’s how!


Now you too can have a pair for your baby, or even yourself! Use this coupon code “LoveBareSoles” all the way through Valentines day and receive 15% off your first order! Don’t miss out on this GREAT deal!!

Order here: BareSolesMoccs

Don’t forget to mention that you got your coupon code from #JustaMomof3 ;]

Have fun shopping!






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