Check-out my new TOMS!

Ladies and Gents, We may have a problem here.. I recently purchased three new pairs of TOMS!  Yes, you read that correctly, three. Well, I had to get Kate and I matching Mommy/Daughter shoes, and of course I found a cute pair of slip-ons that were a MUST! I may be slightly addicted to the company and their mission. ;] Do you know what TOMS does or what they stand for? Not sure? Its all good, below you’ll learn about TOMS – One for One. And, TOMS- restore more than sight! Check out these quick videos on what TOMS does for others!

Toms ShoesSo, imagine, I just purchased three pairs of shoes, and that means I was also able to give three pairs of shoes to others in need! HOW COOL IS THAT?! TOMS, now also has eyewear! (Say, WHAT?!)

Toms Shoes

Now, similar for One for One in shoe giving, TOMS also does for eyewear! For every pair of sunglasses bought, in return, they will help give sight to a person in need. Watching these videos really melted my heart. Its insane to think this is happening all over the country, and a majority of kids are complaining because the wi-fi is not working! There is so much more out there that we can do to help! And, this is one of them! Join TOMS: One for One! Whether its purchasing shoes, or eyewear, lets all make a difference in the lives of others!

What do you say? Are you in? ;]

Toms ShoesBlessings,Pinky_G_Signature******************************************************Toms25%Save up to 25% automatically when you shop!

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