Diapers, diapers & MORE diapers!

The one thing I was always excited doing when I was pregnant was registering for Baby things at our desired stores. The cute clothes, and fun bottles, corky new gadgets, most importantly, diapers! For our first baby shower, we went all out considering it was our first baby! We also (like many) did a diaper raffle and had asked per invitation to bring a box of diapers any size. For our second baby shower, since our second pregnancy was of the same gender, I just asked for diapers and wipes. We were grateful for everything that we received and realized out of all the things we got from our registry the most important things we were using often were– diapers & wipes!


As newborns, babies use over 10+ diapers a day! I remember going through boxes of newborns, fairly quickly! And, those bad boys aren’t cheap either! After babies put on a little weight, you quickly moved on up in diapers to a size 1 or 2. Having a brand new baby in the house right after potty training two toddlers plus a four year age gap-threw my Husband and I in a loop! We literally just accomplished potty training our then youngest (..now middle). And, were doing our ‘celebration dance’ since we thought we were free from diapers!! But, having our beautiful third shook our grounds. We got a little smarter with our third and searched of ways to get better deals on diapers, or to possibly even switch from disposable to cloth. But, I definitely had no idea where to start or what to do! Even if it was my third baby! Luckily, we were able to figure out what was best for my Family and I and for our budget.


But, have you ever wondered how you can score some awesome deals and save money on diapers? Well, low and behold you can! My friends at The Penny Hoarder just found us a loop hole ;] Regardless, if you are expecting a baby, have a baby, or have a one year old like me. This article from, ‘The Penny Hoarder’ can help you figure out what’s best for you and your babies bottom!

9 Ways to get Free Baby Diapers

Make sure to let me know what you think, what are your favorite diaper brands? How do you save money besides coupons and stalk piles when diapers are on sale? =]



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