Happy 5 Months old Baby K!

Time goes by way too fast! Our little Princess is officially 5 months old TODAY! She started eating baby food, and baby cereal at 4 months old. Currently, adores pears, sweet potatoes, apples, butternut squash. Dislikes, peas, green beans, carrots, and bananas. She can stand (not alone), roll from back to front, discovered her feet, and laughs at anything and everything! Our happy go lucky girl is weighing in at about 14.5 and is in the 90th percentile in length! Woo hoo! We do have a drooler on our hands, so back-up outfits are a must!


Skyler-Ian, will be taking his kinder assessment test this summer and hoping he will get transferred to the closest Kinder by our home. We recently pursued Kumon, and due to schedules he is no longer doing them, but, we are continuing lessons at home via our own workbooks.


Spencer, no accidents, or injuries lately! WOO HOO! Knock on wood. He will be entering pre-k this year, and hoping to place him into the same school as SIR! =] We are also starting vocabulary words at home!

Ric and Pinky, have been BUSY! Work, home, repeat. Work, home, repeat! I guess this is what “growing-up” is all about! We are excited to take a family vacation coming up soon at the end of May! And, to relax and enjoy each others company without falling asleep so early. haha!

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