Happy Birthday Spencer and Ric!!

Oh November, is a busy month for my family. Several birthdays back to back don’t make it easy to celebrate!! On the 17th of this month we celebrated Spencer’s 3rd birthday!! I can’t believe my youngest boy is three!! It was a bittersweet moment. We didn’t haves huge party, as November gets tricky for us. So, we celebrate big on thanksgiving by incorporating the many November birthdays we have!!

Today on the 22nd, we are celebrating my husband Ric’s 25th birthday. Today, I’m forever thankful that he was born. It isn’t always easy, our marriage. But, what marriage is? I, grateful for the opportunity that I can learn and grow with Ric as a wife, mother and friend. I always try and do something special for Ric whether it’s homemade cards, a gift he always wanted, mini get together. Something. This year, the kids and I made homemade poster board birthday cards. The boys drew pictures, while I made a candy poem. We are also going out to dinner tonight with friends for his birthday. I’ll update another blog, complete with pictures. But, for now.. Birthday shout outs for the win.


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