The bags are packed!

The bags are packed!! Eeek!! =) I finally finished getting the closet organized, all the baby clothes are washed and ready! Her diaper bag is packed, I just have to pack my hospital bag and we are good to go! =) With a little less than three weeks left, I’m trying to enjoy my time relaxing as much as I can. Which is kind of hard right now as I’m beyond uncomfortable. My stomach feels like it has stretched beyond its capacity. Sleeping has become harder but, I’m beyond exhausted and tired. And, wish to sleep more comfortable. Nonetheless, I’m excited for my first daughter to arrive!


Some of the things I packed are clothes, blankets, wipes, diapers, socks, headbands. Hand sanitizer, diaper rash cream, lotion, soaps. Burp rags, wash cloths. Just to name a few.


All packed!!

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