Nesting. . EXTREME nesting

Nesting is an understatement. I know when I was pregnant with both Skyler-Ian & Spencer, I “nested”. But, not as EXTREME as this pregnancy!
I literally can stare at an object and decide to “clean-it”: sanitize, take it apart, clean every nook and cranny, sanitize it again! Ugh! I feel like I find every reason to “clean” the kitchen or organize the drawers. Or take apart the fridge to clean everything down. I’ve even cleaned out the vents and fan blades! I’ve even vacuumed & steam cleaned my carpets & scrubbed my leather couch! AHHH!
I feel as if I do laundry EVERY day. I feel like I wash, dry & fold, repeat. And, it’s NEVER ending! But, see the funny thing is I haven’t washed any baby clothes. I mean I have the crib together and somewhat started organizing the baby’s things but, I’m too focused on that crooked spoon in my drawer! Haha!
What other outrageous nesting task have I done, you ask? I scrubbed clean and sanitized my washing machine. Yep, I did a bleach wash and scrubbed with baking soda and vinegar. I even did it to my dish washer. sigh. Yes, nesting has gotten the best of me.. To be honest, I love the feeling of a neat, clean home. But, the bad part is- I have two active toddlers who think otherwise ;]

Ahh, so the nesting adventures continue. Today, I did laundry, swept and mopped. Scrubbed some counters & then detailed the inside of my car & washed it! Organized and cleaned the fridge and freezer! Haha. I’m tired.

But, my to do list continues tomorrow!


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