Finding you.

I think at times people forget who they are and what they live and stand for. I know at one point I definitely lost myself, lost sight in Christ. I gave-up. I simply just didn’t care. When my Dad passed away in 2008, it definitely took a toll on me. Well, of course my whole family as well. But, I looked at it at a different perspective. Call me selfish, but, my Dad and I had a great Father-Daughter relationship so of course when he passed away, I lost a part of me and who I was.  The one person I expected to ALWAYS be there, no longer wasn’t.

I looked at life differently after my Dad died, I don’t care to really elaborate but, I just let life unfold and made good/bad choices. Not ones that would put me in jail. But, choices that weren’t smart. I didn’t use drugs, or drink until my liver hated me. No, I just simply zoned out. I didn’t put that much effort in school, I didn’t care to be family oriented, and I certainly didn’t believe in my faith. I had prayed day in and day out for God to save my Dad. I felt as if I did everything in my power to just not care.

But, sometimes you need to lose yourself in order to find who you are, where you belong, and what you stand for. I did just that. I found the light in Christ again, I know who belongs in my life, and who doesn’t. I know what’s important, whose important in my life. Above all, it’s family and Christ. =]

So remember hitting rock bottom can be a challenge, but, it can also be a great thing. Just have to look at the brighter side of things.



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