Ah, Saturday! The long awaited weekend- now, I normally wake-up positive, and full of spirit since its a brand new day. This morning was the complete opposite. Call it the hormones, call it a rough night, file it under stresses, or label it as you please. Nonetheless, I woke-up stressed, anxious, and down right unhappy. (not good). I couldn’t sleep for the life of me, although I had gotten the kids to bed on time, everything was somewhat “clean.” It was the perfect set-up for a good night’s rest.

I’m sure we are all guilty of laying in bed and thinking. Thinking about bills, about stresses, things we need to do in the morning, the chores we need to accomplish. The dreaded “to-do” list that never gets done, or unbelievably gets longer. Yes, I had a night like that. I try my absolute hardest NOT to “think” but, of course I somehow end up doing so. I stressed over making sure bills are on time, I stressed over making sure the kids had enough to eat, I stressed over the lack of storage space in the garage. I debated on what chore I should do in the morning. I stressed over the dog who was fast asleep in his bed. I was stressing out over my dying iPad cause it needed to be charged. I was just stressing left and right over things, over EVERY THING!

I didn’t know whether to cry, be angry, or just be upset all together. Instead, I did what I knew how to do and that was pray. I prayed for peace, strength and above all guidance. I pray every night, and I pray throughout the day when I feel weak and need God. I mean, I always need him. But, I turn to him for my peace. Thankfully, I fell asleep at around 2-3 am. I woke-up in and out of sleep to find my two kids have walked into our room and fell asleep on our bed as well. I saw that Ric was on the floor, and that he voluntarily gave-up his spot to give to his Children. Poor man works 12 hour days, 6 times a week. With very little complaints, and does it all over everyday so he could provide for his family. God bless him. And, I do applaud him, he has practically perfected working, being a Father and Husband and running StoopidLow- all while having a social life. #RicisaGod. (yes, you deserve a hashtag from me Hubbs. )

Anyways, so I woke-up this morning remembering all my stresses that I had that night. Then I came across a devotion from Joel Osteen, “Nothing can stand against our God. Whatever you face in life, if you will just hold your peace and remain at rest, God promises He will fight your battles. He will make a way even when you don’t see a way.” It was like seeing a beautiful flower, It was EXACTLY what I needed to read. Here I am fighting these battles, and yes I prayed for God to guide me so I can face them. But, in reality I should be putting faith, and leaving it in Gods hands. His timing, his work. That definitely changed my perspective. Whether you believe in christ, in God, in a religion. I know I do. And, he has always done wonders for me. =]


So, I guess moral of this morning’s rant was to “let Go, and Let God” =]

Pray for my patience, my peace, health and strength- that I may be able to overcome these silly obstacles with the grace of God.

Thank You and many blessings.


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