Needs vs Wants

Ah, yes! Welcome to the blog of wants vs needs!
Deciphering between “want” and “need” for a toddler isn’t hard but, it isn’t easy either. As a parent you know what your babies “need” food, clothes, diapers, wipes, undies, milk, sippy cups, etc. the basic necessities is always important.
At times I find myself wanting things for the boys and claim that they “need” it. For example, little cute plates and cups that are on sale for a dollar, toys that they don’t need, extra shoes and clothes. Get my flow?
At times I’m very good at saying “no boys, we will buy it next time” or sometimes I’ll do the occasional “pick one toy out”. But, rarely do I give into letting them buy over expensive things that either becomes a new chew toy for the dog or another object that collects dust.

This past weekend I came across a GIANT Mickey mouse stuffed animal- when I mean giant I seriously mean almost as big as me giant! (har har har). Anyways, it was meant to be held onto for the duration of our time at the store and then to be returned once we were done. Surprisingly, I couldn’t say no.. And we left with a giant Mickey.

Sky and Spence- 1 vs Me- zero




2 Comments Add yours

  1. jenro03 says:

    Just to see that smile makes it all worth it!


    1. pinky guerrero says:

      I agree! =] so even if it was costly- I was happy! Haha


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